Why Amaravati?

Amaravati is envisioned as a unique, vibrant and beautiful city. It will have plenty of space, no crime, eco-friendly and housing for everybody. A hometown where young people, families, and elders can thrive. A local economy that attracts talented people and global companies with better business opportunities. A community where everyone contributes and shares in its natural beauty. A central hub connected to major cities of India.

“The People’s Capital”

“Amaravati is envisioned to be one of the Happiest cities encompassing the highest standards of livability, infrastructure with a thriving economic environment.”
N. Chandrababu Naidu
Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

Board of Directors

Sri Ajay Jain

.A.S., Prl. Secretary To Govt., MA & UD (CRDA) And Energy & Infra Depts. - Chairman

Sri K. Kanna Babu

IAS, Commissioner & Director Of Municipal Administration (CDMA) - Director

Dr Sreedhar Cherukuri

I.A.S., Commissioner, APCRDA - MD

V Rama Manohara Rao I.R.A.S.

Special Commissioner - Director

S Shan Mohan

I.A.S, Additional Commissioner, APCRDA - CEO

Sri M. Rama Rao

I.A.S., Municipal Commissioner, Vijayawada - Director

Sri Shrikesh B Lathkar

IAS, Municipal Commissioner, Guntur - Director

Sri Ch. V. N. Malleshwara Rao

Addl. Secretary, Finance Dept. GoAP - Director

Sri V. Chandraiah

Engineer in chief, Public Health - Director

Zacharaiah Madasu

Chief Engineer, Director (FAC), Housing and Building

Dr Ramakanth

Govt. of India Nominee - Director

Focus Area


Micro-climate Management

Several measures are planned to be undertaken to ensure that micro-climate conditions within the Amaravati Government Complex (ABD) remain multiple degrees cooler. (District Cooling, Riverfront Development)


Urban mobility

Given the comfortable weather, aesthetics and other conditions that would prevail in the precinct, public transportation, E-vehicles and Non-motorized transport infrastructure has been prioritized.



In line with the Blue-green vision of the Capital city, the Amaravati Government Complex (ABD) would encompass a 250-acre park, bio-retention ponds and 2 km of riverfront. ( Riverfront development, central park)


Activity Centers

Various activity centres have been identified for development, in line with making the Amaravati an inclusive space for citizens and tourists to visit. It includes a Town Sports Hub with ample retail spaces to attract and provide Retail and entertainment facilities to the public.(Sports Hub, Central Park)


Smart Utilities

Smart Poles, ICT Network, Smart drinking water facilities, Smart Solid Waste Management, Smart Schools, Model public health centres, bio-toilets, and digital hoarding boards have been proposed to improve the quality of living.


Improved Governance

An app that will help people with Digital Transactions, Social Credits, Wayfinding, Smart Health Monitoring, etc. An intelligent command and control center is also proposed to provide live updates and event feeds.( Citizen card, Mana Amaravati app, Integrated command control centre)